2020 Camp Review from Lou.

The 2020 Traitholon Camp surpassed all my expectations. I have done some 70.3s and shorter distances but not had any formal training and end up always doing the same sort of pace and time whatever the course. I was nervous about coming to a camp as I thought it would be full of ‘club hero’ types. Instead I met the very accomplished but very humble and encouraging coaches Bella and Stephen and a great mix of lovely people who I loved spending the week with. Bella and Stephen teach you great simple skills to take your training to a new level and you can’t help but be inspired by them. Yes, already booked 2021 as loved it so much!’

2020 Camp review from Bettina.

Triathlon camp January 2020 with Bella and Stephen Bayliss
We spent an absolutely great training week in Lanzarote. We were a small group of English and Swiss athletes, with very different personal goals. Our coaches managed the different needs so good, that all of them were satisfied and we learned and trained a lot.
To live together in the same Villa for one week was cool. We were cruising around the whole island with our bikes, were swimming in 25m and 50m Pools and in the sea. They showed us different kind of trainings and how you get faster in each discipline.
Bella and Stephen can be even more proud of what they do now, than on their incredible careers as top athletes 🙂 I will be back, for sure!

Bayliss Multisport Triathlon Training Camp 2020 Review from Gail

I attended the Bayliss’s multisport training camp at the beginning of January 2020. After 3 months of dull, wet, miserable weather in the UK, it was so needed. The venue was superb, beautiful surroundings and facilities at Villa Paraiso, and hosted wonderfully by Debs and family.

The training from Stephen and Bella was just excellent. Although a small group, we still had different requirements, and Stephen and Bella adapted the training for each of us. From myself, relatively fit, but 65 years old female, with lung problems and bringing a virus (not Covid) with me. To a world champion marathon runner, training for a May Ironman.

I was so grateful not to feel left out, as I couldn’t run or bike with the group, and I didn’t want to hold anyone up. But Bella organised great bike rides for me, and I was able to hike the run routes. Swimming wasn’t such a problem, and I enjoyed a couple of great sea swims (18 degrees!), and excellent coaching in a 50 metre pool. This really made a difference to my swimming.

I would so recommend Stephen and Bella and their training camp at the Villa Pareiso. Six of us who attended this year, are returning in 2021, it was that good. Whether you are a seasoned pro, or just a beginner, this camp will suit you and make a difference to your ability and your triathlon techniques. The Villa is so scrumptious, that if you have a partner who is not a triathlete, they would love it to. Check it out.

I am so looking forward to next January, especially after all that has been happening in the world. A real treat.

Coaching review from Gail

Stephen and Bella also coach individuals and a lot of their coaching is on line.  They are first rate coaches, and if you can’t make it to Lanzarote, go for the online coaching. Or maybe, do both!’

2020 Camp review from Sabine.

Thanks for an amazing camp Stephen and Bella. We had perfect conditions, perfect weather, perfect coaches and perfect company. Our group was so much fun!I was one of the weaker athletes in the group. But I never felt left beside or treated different. Bella and Stephen did an amazing job by giving me so many helpful tips and a lot of motivation to keep on going.I am looking forward to join again January 2021.Thanks again and see you soon

2020 Camp review from Karen and Andrew.

We were looking for some winter training somewhere warm, and that catered for mixed abilities. We’d both previously competed in age group Sprint triathlons and were looking for a kick start to our season starting in May 2020.

We were so fortunate to find Stephen and Bella’s triathlon training camp at TriSports Lanzarote on social media. We had watched Stephen Bayliss win at Sherborne in 2008 at Ironman uk so we didn’t hesitate in booking.

We formed great friendships with like minded people also on the camp, whilst receiving valuable guidance and technical advice on swim, bike and run training, in a fabulous setting. 
We have booked for next January already, Stephen & Bella are a lovely kind couple with a fantastic business in Lanzarote . We felt so lucky to attend the Bayliss tri camp.

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Karen & Andrew