About us

Bella and Stephen are passionate about triathlon. We aim to help people enjoy the sport, improve and become the best they can be.

Stephen and Bella Bayliss are Britain’s most successful Ironman couple with between them holding no less than 20 Ironman titles.

Bella and I had long professional career with Brett Sutton as there coach, racing mainly Ironman and Long distance races, winning 20 Iron Distance races, 46 top 3 Iron distance results, with many results we are very proud of. It has been the best school of learning about coaching, We have learnt so much from Brett , what sessions, when and for who. How different people move and working with the individual to make the most of there body, mind and environment. Now we focus our energy on coaching and helping others become the best that they can be. We really look forward to helping others have the enjoyment of improving their triathlon performance.