6 essential tips to run faster in triathlon

1: Be bike fit it will help your run.

2: Run hills:  They will build strength, endurance and improve technique.

3: Run training. 4 key sessions: Hill reps, intervals but do enough of them (you can improve endurance much more than you can improve speed),  a long run and a brick (bike then run straight after).

4: Technique:  One thing all runners have in common is…  they all run differently.  Your gait is ingrained with you since you were born.  Try to change it is asking for trouble.  But improving your gait is possible.  Hill running is one of the best technique improvers there is.  Running 50m drills like a track sprinter  has no transference to running fast in an endurance event,  can be a nice warm up but that is all (can also cause injury too, I would give them a miss).

5: Stretching to loosen muscles,  do it carefully, always when warm, same with massage and physio. It shouldn´t hurt.   

6: You don´t need to run every day. As a triathlete, you can get massive improvement from running every other day leaving plenty of time for the run muscles and bones to recover and allows you to incorporate the swim and bike training properly too.

Relating to Swim, bike and run.

Triathlon training is a whole sport.  Each sport effects each other, even our super sprint event is about a 30min event, these are endurance races.  If you have a coach, I recommended only one.  You need to adjust the bike training, depending on the swim training and likewise with the swim and run.

I will add this to the bike and run rules as it applies just as well to them as the swim:
Repetition is your friend. Variety is for the weak minded.

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